Principal's Message

 To the Members of the Jefferson Community,


We are pleased to be part of such an impressive and proud community!  Jefferson students represent a significant population of learners in grades K to 5, here in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Families from all over the world comprise our population.  Languages spoken include Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French, Hindi, Tamal, Malayalam, Bangladesh, 
Sinhalese, Greek, Poshtu, Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Albanian, Ukrainian, and English.

Jefferson School’s targeted focus is science.  To that aim, we introduce our students to inquiry instruction, experimental design, and scientific principles.  Jefferson’s partnerships with General Electric and the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium, Stepping Stones and Pepperidge Farm encourage a rigorous, authentic learning experience for all learners.

Our primary aim is to foster more student achievement.  Our 2014 National Blue Ribbon of Excellence was earned due to our aim at closing the achievement gap in ELL students.  And yet, we will not stop there.  Jefferson will continue to focus on a multifaceted focus to improve the learning community as a whole.  Following are components of the plan:

  • Raising Student Achievement for all Learners
  • Positive School Climate
  • Developing and Cultivating Community Partnerships
  • A Safe and Orderly Environment
  • Increasing Parental Involvement
  • Improving Educational Technology
  • Updating the Jefferson Facility and Grounds

We need your assistance as parents.  Our school governance council will continue to focus on making decisions together.  We will be creating more opportunities for parents to contribute to our school.  We have new members of the administration.  Every procedure and practice is under review, and we strive to be the best school around.  No joke.  We welcome you to be part of the team--the next generation of Jefferson is upon us.

Very truly,
Nicholas J. Brophy