Band Program
Norwalk Public Schools
Elementary Band Department

Dear Parents & Guardians:

We wish to call to your attention to the elementary band program, which is a regular part of the curriculum of the Norwalk Public Schools. Instruction is available for fourth and fifth grade and there is no cost for the lessons. Band lessons are scheduled during classroom instructional time throughout the school day.

Music offers the student a means of personality development and an outlet for creative expression. Individuals who learn to play a musical instrument while they are young, develop a skill that will provide them enjoyment, aesthetic insight and relaxation throughout their lives. For these reasons, and others, band lessons are organized in the Norwalk Public Schools. These band lessons will continue throughout the school year.

Instruments should be rented from a school-approved vendor, borrowed from a friend or family member, or purchased online or in a music store. PLEASE DO NOT BUY INSTRUMENTS FROM AMAZON OR EBAY! Purchased/borrowed instruments need to be checked by band director to ensure the instrument functions properly.

This letter is sent to you because you play a great part in making the decision regarding your child's participation in the elementary band program. We hope this information will help you in making your decision.

Thank You!

Anthony Nunes
Band Director
Columbus & Rowayton

Guillermo Rojas
Band Director
Cranbury & Silvermine

Elizabeth Lockhart
Band Director
Naramake & Wolfpit

 Micah Smith
Band Director
Jefferson & Kendall
Michael Teglasi
Band Director
Fox Run & Brookside
Kevin Lowery
Band Director
Tracey & Marvin