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Welcome to Jefferson Marine Science Elementary School

We Help Each Other

OUR MISSION: At Jefferson Marine Science Elementary School, we believe students learn best when they know that they matter, feel safe, can overcome obstacles, and believe that education will afford them opportunities in life. Our educational team provides rich, meaningful, and authentic learning experiences for our diverse student community to lay the foundation for college and career readiness. We collaborate, communicate, and create to help our students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We help each other to foster success and build our Jefferson family.

OUR VISION: At Jefferson, we celebrate our unique and diverse experience as learners. We take risks and demonstrate our individual efforts in a rigorous learning environment. We collaborate, communicate, and create. Critical thinking and problem-solving accomplishments are honored. In order to foster our success in an ever-changing society, students, families, and educators join together to form a powerful, nurturing partnership.

OUR MOTTO: “We Help Each Other.”

OUR STUDENTS: Jefferson's dedicated staff educates students from kindergarten to grade five. Among the nearly five hundred students enrolled at Jefferson School, some twenty-six languages are spoken.